Importance of Scheduling Maintenance in Spring

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Summer is around the corner – so too is the heat and humidity. The luxury of an operational air conditioning system is often overlooked and taken for granted. That is until you arrive at work in the middle of July and you begin sweating at your desk in unbearable humidity. It’s only 9am… on Monday. 

You call your local service provider … “You can’t come out until Thursday !?!?” 

You check the weather …. Monday: 94, Tuesday: 96, Wednesday: 99. The reality of an unbearable week ahead begins to set in … but there is good news!  

You can complete your AC service well before any HVAC systems encounter the hottest days of the year. This will ensure they are finely tuned and well maintained to take on the heat, humidity, and elements that summer days so often deliver.  In the instance your system has a mechanical failure, it will often occur soon after it has been started and tested for the season. Preventative maintenance programs allow service technicians to review the integrity of the electrical components and refrigerant systems and identify items that may require replacement.  

Often, component replacement can prevent nuisance failures during the peak of cooling season. Not all failure is preventable, but our technicians have the knowledge, experience, and training to identify potential weaknesses within the HVAC system. Our technician’s complete maintenance checklists and thorough review of motors, compressors, coils, air filters, and overall operation to certify the air conditioning system.  

Mechanical cooling systems require maintenance to work effectively.  Scheduling your air conditioning system maintenance in the Spring enables the time and planning required to manage HVAC system component failure repairs. Please feel free to contact us to schedule your Spring maintenance. Our technicians will verify your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency before any of the hottest days arrive.  

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