The Importance of HVAC Equipment Maintenance


The key benefits to maintaining the HVAC equipment in your building are Extending Equipment Life Expectancy, Utility Savings, Ensure Comfortable and Clean Indoor Air Quality, and Lowering Repair Costs.

HVAC Tech Equipment Maintenance

Extending Equipment Life Expectancy

HVAC equipment does have an expected term of useful life and eventually needs to be replaced.  Proper maintenance during the lifetime of equipment operation will extend that useful life term as cleaner HVAC systems tend to function more smoothly.  The process of cleaning condenser coils, replacing air filters, and changing belts routinely allows systems to run at an optimal design. Providing the correct maintenance solutions for HVAC equipment can stretch capital planning and budgeting as equipment survives longer.

Utility Savings

HVAC Systems that are clean and maintained will lower your utility costs.  Systems that have not been maintained will run longer to heat and cool spaces.  One example of deferred maintenance would be dirty air filters. As dirt, debris, and pollen build up on filter surfaces, HVAC systems struggle to properly circulate air into space.  This can cause longer system run-times and, in turn, much higher utility bills.

Comfortable and Clean Indoor Air Quality

COVID 19 has introduced a wide spectrum of considerations for business owners and their HVAC systems. One of the most popular topics is related to air distribution systems and air filters.  Replacing the air filters during maintenance is the most routine HVAC maintenance task, and yet is one the most critical.  Regular maintenance on HVAC systems responsible for conditioning and filtering the air can dramatically improve air quality standards.

Lowering Repair Costs

HVAC equipment failure is inevitable, even for those systems that are routinely maintained.  When a well-maintained HVAC system fails, technician diagnosis time decreases, and the accuracy of pinpointing mechanical failure increases.  The combination of these two important factors will directly impact the repair spend.

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