Over the years, USA Mechanical & Energy has been honored to work with many colleges and universities. We’ve worked on a diverse array of projects including expansions, renovations, system upgrades, maintenance, and other projects to help keep higher learning facilities running smoothly.

Project Highlight

As Wesleyan University grew their campus, they were in need of additional air conditioning. In a previous Energy Retrofit project, we helped Wesleyan upgrade their chiller plant capacity to 3000-tons by replacing an existing 750-ton chiller with a new variable speed high efficiency 1500-ton chiller. They couldn’t take advantage of their full cooling capacity because their existing cooling towers could only support 1,500-tons.

We helped develop a cooling tower replacement project that doubled their capacity to 3000-tons matching their chiller plant. The project included condenser water pump and VFD upgrades, underground 20” piping replacement, and new cooling towers replacing their existing 20-year old cooling towers this resulted in helping keep Wesleyan’s campus sufficiently air-conditioned during hot and humid days. Additionally, Wesleyan has additional cooling capacity for future growth as they consider adding new buildings to their campus.

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