The Importance of Safety At USA Mechanical & Energy Services

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June is National Safety Month. Safety is more critical than ever and here at USA Mechanical &
Energy Services, safety is crucial to our business.

Safety is extremely important due to the many risks our employees face day in and day out. We
have created a Safety Committee which is made up of 8 company employees, ranging from the
President of our company to the Safety Coordinator to the Service Tech. We think it’s important
to have representation from each department in the company to have a voice where our safety
is concerned. This committee meets quarterly to discuss any safety issues and concerns, what
actions must be taken to rectify any issues and concerns, and serve as a launchpad for new ideas
and policies.

We are constantly working to improve our safe work practices on the job site and in the office.
We review our OSHA logs yearly to improve our companywide safety protocols. Our safety
coordinator ensures the proper training is given to our new employees along with annual
retraining for those high-risk tasks that our employees face daily.

The construction/service field is one of the most hazardous environments to work in and here
at USA Mechanical & Energy Services, we want to ensure our employee’s go home to their
loved ones every day.

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