Energy Contracting

Reduce your utility expenses by up to 30%!

Energy Contracting is a budget-positive approach to make building improvements that reduce energy and water use and increases operational efficiency. Facility owners can pay for today’s facility upgrades with tomorrow’s energy savings, without tapping into capital budgets.

At USA Mechanical & Energy Services, LLC we help facility owners consider energy contracting as an investment that reduces avoidable energy waste – because the alternative to the investment is to continue buying the energy that will be wasted. A facility can implement efficiencies that allow the recapture of energy waste so that it can be re-applied to useful purposes (i.e. replacement of end-of-life HVAC equipment, upgrade lighting, etc.).

Our Energy Contracting Process

Utility Data
  • Collect & analyze existing utility data to create a baseline.
Energy Audit
  • Walk-through facility
  • Investigate current energy use
  • Develop a list of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM’s)
  • Calculate cost savings and cost estimates to implement each EEM
  • Review results
  • Choose EEM’s that make the most financial sense
Incentives & Financing
  • Submit report to EnergizeCT for all applicable incentives to lower the first cost of the project
  • If financing the project is desired, apply for C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy)
  • Turnkey Design-build installation of EEM’s
Ongoing Support
  • Warranty Service
  • Measurement and Verification of estimated energy savings
  • Schedule maintenance & service of equipment to maintain peak operating efficiency

C-PACE financing is an innovative financing solution that owners can enjoy the advantages of energy upgrades immediately and pay for them over time through a voluntary benefit assessment, levied and recorded against the benefitting property, to be repaid along with real property taxes.

Our Energy Contracting services are turnkey and cost effective. In many cases, we eliminate the liability of deferred maintenance and end-of-life liabilities for equipment by showing you how you can invest in higher efficient replacements that today’s technology offers. We turn intensive upfront capital expenses into cash positive investments over the life-cycle of the project that increases the property’s value.