USA Mechanical Now Offers Building Automation Systems and Controls

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USA Mechanical and Energy Services, LLC offers a full suite of services for Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Controls. BAS Systems are the brains of today’s smart buildings. Modern intelligent technology allows for the control of HVAC and lighting equipment in the most energy-efficient manner possible. Smart buildings provide building owners and facility managers the ability to monitor and control their buildings, maintain comfort, increase the life of HVAC equipment, and reduce energy consumption.

Our BAS controls team is proud to offer solutions by Lynxspring, a Tridium Niagara OEM. Tridium Niagara’s commitment to an open systems platform ensures customers are not locked into a relationship with the original vendor due to a proprietary BAS system. With a Tridium Niagara system, customers have access to state of art user interfaces, graphics, and programming capabilities. Powerful integration features and drivers permit the upgrade of proprietary systems to a robust Tridium Niagara front end. Completely new installations are possible with Lynxspring’s full line of unit-level controllers. 

USA Mechanical and Energy Services LLC’s graphics provide the intuitive visibility to a building’s performance. 2D and 3D graphics packages display the real time building performance in a way that allows for rapid assessment of equipment status and alarms. High level visual display dashboards summarize data such as setpoints, present values and energy consumption. 

BAS Engineering:

Whether you require a new BAS system, an upgrade or retrofit, our BAS engineering team is ready to design a state-of-the-art system using the most up to date control strategies. Our Tridium Niagara open framework and use of open protocols such as BACnet, enable the adherence to any specification and the ability to meet all your needs. Our powerful integration capabilities allow for seamless installation of your existing equipment controls into our Lynxspring front end. BAS systems are also Energy Management Systems (EMS), and energy conservation is always front and center at USA Mechanical and Energy Services LLC. Our engineering team will design sequences using proven energy conservation measures and the means to measure and verify (M&V) those installations.

BAS Installation and Commissioning:

Our licensed controls team has the experience and technical expertise to properly install your BAS system. All equipment, controls and end devices are programmed and installed per the manufacturer’s specifications. Our teams ensure all program algorithms are properly tuned. Adherence to project specifications and equipment sequence of operations is documented with extensive project commissioning logs. We use licensed electricians to perform all control system wiring. Following your installation, our team can monitor your building’s performance, analyze its operation, and provide regularly scheduled controls and HVAC service throughout the years.

In addition to the plan and spec market, USA Mechanical and Energy Services LLC offers design build solutions. When Building Automation System and controls are coupled with our mechanical contracting teams, providing equipment installation, plumbing and sheet metal services, customers receive a complete installation from a single trusted source.

BAS and Controls Maintenance:

Following installation, it is common for the components of a BAS to need regular maintenance checks to ensure all are operating as they were at the time of commissioning, lengthen your equipment’s life cycle, and protect your return on investment. Sensors can require calibration or replacement to keep the system running as designed. Equipment maintenance needs can be construed from historical BAS trend logs, data logs, and alarm reports. Unusual energy usage patterns can be identified and investigated to reduce consumption. Using real-time energy management and data analysis, our trained staff can ensure issues are resolved before they impact comfort, equipment life, or energy consumption. USA Mechanical and Energy Services LLC provides 24-hour on-call service for all of your facility’s needs.

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