Steve Dion


Steve Dion comes to USA Mechanical with several years of experience in HVAC. He started 28 years ago working as an apprentice for a small HVAC contractor in southeastern CT where he earned his S2, RJ2, PJ2 universal refrigeration license, and multiple certifications. Since then, Steve has worked for two global manufacturers where he has had much success in multiple critical roles. He has performed repairs, start-up, and set-up of large commercial equipment, such as centrifugal chillers, large tonnage air handles, rooftop units, and multiple other pieces of applied and unapplied equipment, all while developing more knowledge and skills in the HVAC controls industry. Steve has also been a supervisor, project manager, and northeast service manager. His mentor taught him early in his career to always put people first, regardless of whether it’s a co-worker or a customer, and he has held those core values close to his heart.

In Steve’s spare time, he can be found at a soccer field coaching either one of his two kid’s teams or volunteering his time at the fields. If you can’t find him there, he will most likely be found in the pits at one of the northeast racetracks as crew chief for one of the family-owned Nema Lite cars.