USA Mechanical and Energy Services LLC is proud to announce our recent partnership with Honeywell! As a representative of Honeywell products USA Mechanical is offering comprehensive and scalable solutions to building automation issues for all your commercial, industrial and process HVAC needs. Honeywell is a cutting-edge manufacturer in the building automation industry focusing on the next generation smart building field device and controls software. Utilizing fully customizable programmable hardware and Tridium Niagara as a software platform, these systems can be designed around your unique application and help you to migrate your existing building automation problems into modern and efficient solutions. Whether it is lighting, irrigation, process cooling or simply optimizing the efficiency and operations of your existing comfort HVAC systems, USA Mechanical and Honeywell have an answer for your application. Reach out today to discuss the benefits with one of our certified BAS installers and see how our partnership with Honeywell can save you money and solve your BAS headaches once and for all!