Lucas Hehl 


Luke started his career in the construction field as a Plumbing Apprentice after graduating from Warren F. Kaynor Technical School, where he received his P2 Journeyman License.  The trade started to change, and the HVAC industry appealed to him.  He became involved with the building and installation of sheet metal ductwork installation of heating and air conditioning equipment from small residential to large industrial.  Moving on to a new company, he learned the fuel oil business working on large commercial/industrial heating appliances such as boilers and burners. The Installation of cast iron boilers and large refrigeration equipment became his specialty. Here he received his STC2 and S2 licenses. Eventually, learning how to service and maintain equipment, he was promoted to lead technician and project manager.  After 15 years of combined work from his previous companies, a great opportunity was presented to him, and he became employed with USA Mechanical & Energy Services in April 2018.  Becoming a supervisor has always been his lifelong goal, and taking what he’s learned throughout the years and passing it on to the younger generation of technicians is very rewarding. Having mentors to learn from and look up to while being able to express his ideas and having a great work ethic has been the key to his success.

He enjoys spending time with family and friends when he’s not working. He enjoys coaching baseball and football for his son’s teams, helping the community, and teaching him about nature is a passion of his.  He also likes to garden, go fishing/hiking and enjoys riding his motorcycle when he can.