Daniel Blair

For a remarkable span of 18 years, Daniel Blair has been an integral part of the USA Mechanical team. It all began on a fateful day when he boldly stepped through the company’s doors in search of an opportunity, and from that moment on, his journey became an indelible part of the company’s history.

Initially joining as a plumbing apprentice, Daniel’s unwavering commitment and relentless efforts propelled him to the esteemed position of Project Manager. His passion for the industry stands as a true testament to his dedication to the growth and success of this remarkable company.

During his leisure hours, Daniel finds immense joy in coaching his daughters and son’s soccer team.  Through his guidance and support, he not only nurtures their soccer abilities but also instills valuable life lessons such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. Daniel’s commitment to his children’s development extends beyond the workplace, showcasing his unwavering dedication as both a professional and a loving parent.