Employee Spotlight: Gitte Patel

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Gitte Patel, our Service Administrator, has been working for USA Mechanical & Energy Services for the last two years. She is a graduate of Copenhagen Business School in Denmark and studied at Hammersmith & West London College in the United Kingdom. She has been working in the HVAC industry since 2007. Before that, she was a business owner with her ex-husband of multiple businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and real estate properties. Gitte currently resides in Weatogue, CT, with her son Sean.

Gitte enjoys teaching fitness (Zumba), working out with her fitness trainer, hiking, spending time with friends and family. Most weekends Gitte will be on the dance floor somewhere, let it be in gyms or private dance studios with her fellow Zumba instructors. She also enjoys having meals at good restaurants with her son or friends.

Gitte, also known as G-Money around the office, describes herself as positive, energetic & outgoing. Gitte loves her job and that each day is different. There is never a dull moment working in the Service Department. She has many daily challenges that make her job exciting and a lot of fun. She feels fortunate to work with a great team and wonderful customers.

You may be surprised to know that Gitte played semi-professional badminton for over 30 years. She has been fortunate to play with the best of the best world badminton players in her badminton career, and she was on the US National Badminton Team from 1994 to 1995.

Gitte’s most significant challenge in life was nine years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer, and that same week her mother passed away. She knew that if one has a positive thought process and mindset and a reasonably well-balanced diet, one can overcome almost anything. So instead of feeling sorry for herself, she knew with the right doctors and support of family and friends and workouts at the gym to stay strong, she would beat cancer. She is happy to say that she is cancer-free and lives her life to the fullest every day.

Gitte’s biggest fear is water. She nearly drowned when she was a young girl. When she is at the beach, she will only go up to her waist in the ocean as she has learned to respect the water and ocean power.

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