Employee Spotlight: Dan Resendes

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Dan previously worked for New England Mechanical before starting with USA Mechanical in December of 2003. Dan holds many trade licenses including S1, P1, SM1 and MG1. He is also certified in backflow testing. 

Dan has been married to Lori for 23 years and they have 2 children, Mason 20 and Dylan 14. They have lived in Vernon, CT for the last 19 years.
Dan enjoys Fantasy Football and spending time on the patio with friends and family. He also loves coaching basketball on all levels.

Dan, also known as “Big Dan”, describes himself a Leader, Hardworking and Successful. When asked if he could switch jobs with anyone in the company – Dan would choose his own job. He says he likes everything about working at USAMechanical & Energy Services. 

You might be surprised to know that Dan has been an apprentice school teacher for the last 16 years and he is also a certified USA basketball coach.
Dan’s greatest challenge in his life was his fathers’ passing this past December. Dan’s Biggest Fear: Not to Succeed.

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