Employee Feature: Mike Slipski

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Meet Mike Slipski! Mike started with USA Mechanical as a part-time employee in 2016 and eventually went full time. He was previously co-owner of a sheet metal fabrication company called CT Specialities for 20 years. Mike is a 1960 graduate of Windsor High School and went on to take college courses at Hilyer College in Hartford (now known as the University of Hartford). Mike has been married to his wife Barbara for 53 years. They reside in Windsor, CT and have 2 daughters – Theresa and Erika as well as two grandchildren who all live locally. Mike is an avid bowler with an average of 200++. He belongs to the Central CT Association Hall of Fame for Bowling and has had multiple 300 games. He bowled in the National Championships for 35 years. Other hobbies Mike enjoys are goose and duck hunting and fishing. Mike describes himself as punctual to the extreme (can drive people crazy); he has an incredible attitude (won’t be defeated by an inanimate object) and perseverance – he will get the job done. Mike says what he likes the most about his job at USA Mechanical & Energy Services is the People. Mike’s advice to a new hire just starting is “if you want to learn the trade – read books and study – learn the hard way. Teaching aspects of trade don’t exist anymore.”Mike’s greatest challenge in his life was when he underwent Diverticulitis surgery in August of 2017 and reversal surgery in December 2017. After this health scare, he appreciates each day. Mike’s Motto: “Do unto others as they would do unto you. Only do it first!”Mike’s Biggest Fear: None – Co-Vid did not scare him – he knew he would get through it if he happens to get it.

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